The way you log phone calls

is about to change.

Maximize productivity and reduce costs

significantly by streamlining the way you log

and manage phone calls.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Sticky Notes If you’re still using sticky notes to log phone calls then you’re almost certainly losing time and money, and maybe even missing valuable opportunities. Most businesses would agree that the telephone is critical as it’s the main way they communicate with their clients. And yet many are still using sticky notes to record details of these vital phone calls. The problem with sticky notes is: they take time to write they rely on people correctly recording details they can be easily misplaced or lost they’re difficult to organize you can’t coordinate follow up action with them you can’t access them if you’re not in the office they can’t be searched you can’t generate statistics from them and so on….
So What’s the Solution?
Get Rid of the Phone Message Chaos
It can be hard to keep on top of things in today’s demanding business world. Logging phone calls and then managing the messages can be particulary difficult. It’s easy to lose them, easy to make mistakes, easy to forget to return calls, and easy to become totally overwhelmed.
Take Phone Messages Quickly and Easily
With PhonePad, logging incoming and outgoing calls is easy. And fast. PhonePad stores all caller information in it’s comprehensive Address Book. When you receive a call from a previous caller, PhonePad will automatically fill in the details for you. That means less mistakes. And less headaches.
Never Lose a Phone Message Again
Sticky notes all over your computer screen and desk? Dump the sticky notes - there’s a much better way. With PhonePad, of your messages are conveniently located in a central, easy-to-access location: your Inbox. You always know where to find your messages, so there's no more losing them. Icons and colour-coding provide instant recognition of message status. You can quickly tell which messages you have read, which ones are new, messages that are urgent and need your attention right away, and so on.
Easy to Use
There’s no point in having a system that is difficult to use. PhonePad’s intuitive design makes it easy to use and master. As the phone message forms look just like the paper ones, users already know how to fill them in. And fortunately PhonePad does a lot of the work for you.
Find Any Phone Message Fast
Extensive filtering and search options enable users to locate any phone message quickly, whether it’s in their Inbox or in other folders. Administrators can search for messages across the entire database, including archived messages.
Maintain a Complete History of All Phone Calls
PhonePad enables you to keep comprehensive follow up notes about every call. If the message is sent to multiple users, each user can add their own follow up notes and read the notes added by other users, allowing them to coordinate all communication and required action. PhonePad’s Call Flow feature provides a way to view all communication with a client, incoming and outgoing, in chronological order.
Access Other Inboxes
If you have users that need to access Inboxes of other users then an administrator can easily grant that access. This is a very handy feature for office managers, receptionists and executive assistants. A user who is out of the office can call in and ask for any messages. A receptionist can quickly access the user's Inbox and check for any new messages for them. Imagine if you need to access a message in a user’s Inbox, but they’re away sick. With this feature you can access their Inbox and grab the message,
Never Miss an Important Call
Receive your messages when you’re out of the office - at home, on the road, or even in another country. Set up PhonePad to automatically forward your messages to an email address or even your mobile/cell phone using SMS* or Pushover. You can configure this feature to only forward urgent messages, based on your availability, and more.
Remember to Return Phone Calls
Create reminders to make sure you don’t forget to follow up on messages and return phone calls. Receive alerts when reminders are overdue. Add reminders for tasks in the To Do List.
Easily Organize Your Phone Messages
PhonePad provides an easy way to organize your messages. Create folders with as many sub-folders as you like to store your messages in. Folders can be several levels deep. Create private, public and group folders to store your messages in.
Enjoy Significant Time and Cost Savings
PhonePad saves you time by making it faster and easier to log, manage and track your phone messages. By improving your call follow up, you may find that your revenue increases due to opportunities that may have otherwise been missed. Most users find that PhonePad pays for itself within the first couple of weeks.
Track and Manage Your Messages
PhonePad makes it easy to track your messages. Know when phone calls have been logged, when the messages have been read, monitor the follow up status of messages and more. Generate performance statistics and reports to identify bottlenecks.
Includes 12 Months of Free Updates
When you purchase PhonePad, you will receive 12 months of free major and minor updates.
Free 60-Day Trial
Try PhonePad for 60 days free of charge. Download it from our website and try it out. No money up front. No commitment. No obligation.
What if there was a way you could log your phone calls electronically and not have to endure any of the shortcomings of sticky notes? There is. It’s called PhonePad, and it’s arguably the best phone log software available. Let’s have a look at some ways PhonePad is going to make your life so much easier.
Fast Support
All this is pointless if there is no support. Rest assured that we are to provide you with help when you need it. Email support is free and we usually respond within 24 hours. If you have a problem that cannot be resolved by email, we can remote connect to your computer and fix it for you at a time that’s convenient for you. And just so you know, we have been providing support for our software for over 2 decades.
We’ve Been Around a While
We have seen competitors come and go over the years. Many have tried to copy us, charging crazy prices. Not to blow our own trumpet, phone log software is a great idea, and we were one of the first to design and develop this type of system. We’ve been in business for almost 25 years producing PhonePad and other B2B software. If you want to go with a system that has only been around a short time then be our guest. Who knows how long they will be around. Regardless, we’ll still be here producing PhonePad to make your life easier at an affordable, value-for-money price. And we will continue to support our clients. Here’s an interesting bit of information for you. Since PhonePad 5 was released in February 2016, we have also been supporting clients that are still using the previous major release: PhonePad 4. Even though PhonePad 5 replaces PhonePad 4, we continue to support our clients who have stayed with PhonePad 4 for whatever reason.
One-Time Cost. No Monthly Fees.
This is a nice surprise. When you purchase PhonePad you are buying a perpetual license. That means it never expires. It’s a one-time cost. There are no monthly or ongoing fees. Now, after 12 months you can renew your Update Plan, for 30% of the cost of your license. This will provide you with another 12 months of any major and minor updates. But here’s the thing. You’re not obligated to renew your Update Plan. And if you don’t, PhonePad will continue to work. Remember, you’re buying a perpetual license.
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